At St Andrew’s we have pledged to tithe our income each year.  We have selected 10 charities or good causes that will be the beneficiaries of this money in 2017.  These good causes are identified below.


St Andrew’s also supports other charities and good causes through specific fund raising events and also a co-ordinated personal giving scheme.  The charities that benefit in this way are Christian Aid, the Methodist Church World Mission Fund, the Methodist Church Mission in Britain Fund and The Dawn Centre.

The Lister Hostel, Dharaparum, South India

The Lister Hostel is one of the hostels in run by the Diocese of Trichy-Tanjore within the Church of  SouthIndia that is completely reliant on the local church for its finances.  The Diocese runs seventeen hostels in total and fourteen are self financing with parental contributions.

The Lister Hostel provides a safe haven and schooling for children with socially challenging family situations and where there is very little money available following family breakup.

The church has to cover the costs of teachers, cooks, carers as well as the every day costs of running the hostel and providing food.

Embrace the Middle East

This charity Embrace, formerly known as Bible Lands, works by tackling poverty and injustice in the Middle East, through supporting education, healthcare, community development .

Compassion UK

Compassion supports children in poor countries by watching over them in education.  The charity works by asking it’s supporters to sponsor a specific child.

The commitment that St Andrews is making is to sponsor a child for 5 years.  This would both allow and encourage a number of different members of the congregation to write to the child, celebrate the child’s birthday and offer additional support at special times int eh year such as Easter and Christmas.

Writing to the child is considered by Compassion to be more important than the monetary gift that is sent.


UNICEF provides humanitarian and development assistance to children and mothers in developing countries, working at present in192 countries delivering water and providing vital supplies.


Tearfund’s tag line is “Following Jesus where the need is greatest”.  This Christian charity is passionate about ending poverty by working through local churches. When disasters strike they respond quickly and will not stop until poverty stops.

The Air Ambulance Service

The Bridge

This is a Leicester charity which is co-ordinated, multi-faith and multi-agency.  It supports people by providing, advice, monitoring, signposting and hot meals for rough sleepers, hostel residents and those vulnerably housed.  Bridge works with The Dawn Centre which individual Church members also support.


This local charity is based in Ratby Lane, Leicester Forest East. It was founded in 1898 and previously known as Guild of Disabled People. It provides information and services that disabled people want and need that promote inclusion, equality, independence, choice, empowerment, respect and dignity.


This is a locally based children’s hospice.

Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust

This Methodist Church charity seeks to provide resources, support and information to preachers.

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