4th Sunday of the month at 6.00pm.

NO REFINED IN JUNE, JULY AUGUST 2019 – We meet again on September 22nd 2019

“Refined” is a gathering that explores faith in relation to our every day lives. Informal and relaxed in a cafe style environment but also utilising the spaces we have in the church and outside (lighter nights and warmer weather). Coffee and tea on tap !

Using the best of new and old worship songs and secular music together with multimedia and hands on participation we look at faith in different ways. An opportunity to re-connect with God or just to find out ‘ Whats it all about?’. Ask questions or receive prayer or just look on from the sidelines.

The evenings are led by Pioneer Minister, Peter Kitchen and fellow musician Phil.

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Celebrating Pentecost with marshmallows, music and poetry

Exploring Lent, through times when we may be in the ‘Wilderness’, be that with God or just in our day-day lives

Maybe you feel outside the group, not wanted, or even that church is for insiders only but God loves all.

We explored how we felt, what its like and even how ‘church’ can make us feel excluded

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