Refined celebrates “The Wild Spirit of God”

Refined took to the outdoors on 28th May 2017 as it celebrated the coming of Pentecost with a theme of “The Wild Spirit of God”.

Peter Kitchen, accompanied by Phil, led us in songs that included:

  • ‘Canons’ – Phil Wickham
  • ‘Let your glory fall’ (Father of creation) – David Ruis 1991 Vineyard
  • ‘O come to the Altar’ – Elevation Worship
  • ‘Changed my life’ – Ryan Delmore 1998 Vineyard
  • ‘Resurrecting’ – Elevation Worship
  • ‘I want to be out of my depth in your love’ – Doug Horley / Noel Richards
  • ‘Oceans’ – Hillsongs

We also participated in a poetry prayer trail in the grounds and enjoyed roasting marshmallows over an open fire.  A GREAT evening of worship and praise!!

The poetry prayer trail was inspired by, and included poems from:

  • ‘Being there’, ‘Growing Up’, ‘Restoration’, ‘The Path I Tread’ from Russ Parker’s ‘Wild Spirit of the Living God
  • ‘Is he safe’ from C. S. Lewis – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Wildfire
  • ‘Who is this Holy Spirit of Pentecost?’ from Geese” in Pilgrim Walk by the Sea
    by Susanne Hassell (p.60-61).
  • ‘Abba’ from ‘The Spirit of Adoption’
  • ‘Spirit of Pentecost’

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